Being charged with a crime,  especially a felony,  is very serious.   The consequences of being convicted  can result in a person being fined,  losing  employment,  being deported,  or even being jailed.  A defendant should only select a lawyer who has the  intelligence, knowledge,experience,  and skills to get the best result for the person charged with a crime.  Very often,  that result will be an acquittal or dismissal of the charges and the defendant can triumphantly walk

away from the courthouse.   But sometimes,  depending  upon the evidence gathered by the

prosecutors, an acquittal or dismissal is not possible so the defense attorney, based upon his experience, has to knowledgeably inform the defendant of further options.  That can only be done by an attorney who can competently advise a defendant of the best course of action. 

If an attorney tells you, "I willfight for you against the prosecutors", run in the other

direction.  Fighting and losing can result in increased jail time. Sometimes, the best courseof action is not to fight but to cooperate. Once again, only an experienced, knowledgeable and skillful attorney can getthe best results for you.

I have been an attorney for 47 years and have represented clients in a wide spectrum of criminal cases ranging from violent crimes to sex crimes, trademark counterfeiting to theft, embezzlement to fraud and DWI.  I do not take drug cases.

If you case requires a trial, you will be relieved to know that I am a highly-skilled trial attorney who actually teaches other lawyers how to conduct trials in New York. If you check my background, you will discover that I have graduated from the best schools in the country.  

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Paul has praticed law for 46 years. Before that, he once served in the Battleship, New Jersey from 1968 to 1969. He has been selected and honored to lecture other lawyer on the subject of how to conduct in New York.

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